Monday, July 21, 2008

Go Team Mom and Dad!

So with a teeny baby you can't exactly go dancing or to concerts or to movies, so Stephen and I have instead been running around the magical land of Warcraft. Whoo! So if you ever see a little gnome mage and human rogue kicking some bad guy butt, buff us!

And hey, check out my buddy Eric Henze's blog. He worked on WOW.

Also, check out Michelle Gorski's blog, who inspired me to do this post, with her post.

Aaaand, Flight 5 is out! YEAH! Hope you enjoy my story "The Changeling" and also all the other super fun stories in it. Be sure to take a peek at the preview.

And lastly, here's a quick sketch of Hellboy for drawergeeks. Go surliness!


matt crotts said...

awesome!! looks like i get to be the first to comment *excitement drool*

Flight 5? OUT? finally!!!!! i can't wait to buy it - i'm sure it will rock my world, especially considering my thesis will likely be a comic. i'm so enthralled with what flight's done for illustration!!

ha and it's not surprising that you guys are WOW fans. medieval fantasy meets pleasing shapes and animation-style proportions? i think the only reason i haven't take the plunge myself is that i know i would like it *too much*

oh, and as far as the art goes, great stances, excellent negative space and fantastic sense of movement. great job!

Fabián Fucci said...

Awesome sketches! Good sense of rhythm.

Jose Darias said...

Hey , Sarah , i lile so much hellboy sketch , but those two characters from warcarft universe , are amazing! .
.Im wait that administrator approved to me yet ,from "Drawer Geeks"

see u Sarah!

Michelle said...

awesomeness, gnome mages! i have a blue-princess-leia hair one.

Mr. Bob said...

Really awesome work!!!.

Sarah, i want to ask you a favor,is there any possibilitie that you could give me any inputs on how I could become a member of, i would appreciate that, keep up the good work... see you.

Vanhoozerbot said...

I am always blown away by how easy you make things look.

And congrats on Flight 5. I can't wait to see it.


Jessie said...

Sarah! I've missed you so much! :) I'm so sad you won't be at comic con but I shall live it up in your honor! (eee I'm so excited!)
Miss chatting with you!

Luky said...

great sketches very dynamic!!

mike said...

oh no! they got you too!

EraserFoot said...

Thanks for the link. I was wondering why my blog hits suddenly quadrupled for a day. We'll miss you guys at comicon this year.
Although I'm not sure we're aloud to be friends anymore after you picked Alliance characters.

Kevin Barber said...

Great flow.

A_M said...

Very beautiful!!!

Red is my preferred character of comics...

good indeed!

Breadwig said...

Yeah, Flight 5! Yeah WOW characters. Yeah Hellboy!

milo said...

Awesome sketches! I love ur work! Post more when u get a chance! ;OP

Tyson said...

Sarah -
I just read your story in Flight 5. I haven't been in the circumstance your character finds herself in, but two of my close friends have over the last few years, and it was hard for them. The ending of this kind of choked me up a little - really beautiful story.

Bummer that I won't get to see you at Comic-con again this year! Hope you and the family are doing awesome!

andreamichelle said...

I don't know you, I followed a link from another page to your site. You have beautiful illustrations. I don't know what flight five is, but I checked out your preview link, and your illustrations for it were beautiful, the use of color and negative space was very poetic, I love your style.

Bryce said...

Great stuff. I Stumbled on your DrawerGeeks page and followed the trail here. I really enjoy your work; you've got a great sense of humor.

Stitched Up Soul said...

My husband and I play WoW (although we don't have a little one that prevents us from getting out - we're just geeks, hehe) and we've met quite a few couples who play together.
What realm are you on?
I love your work!

Kim Herbst said...

Love your characters! I'm too scared to delve into WoW... 'fraid I'd get horribly addicted. Great movement on Hellboy too!

We missed you at Comicon this year, but I picked up Flight 5 and absolutely adored your story! So so cute!

mat von Ehrenkrook said...

sarah, please please please can you get me into drawer geeks? I'll baby sit for free! PLEEEAASE! email me for my work:

Christopher said...

I love the motion in this soooo much!

Yassir S.Rasan said...

great job

Onymations said...

Awesome Hellboy sketch...very dynamic pose!

Skylark- said...

Cool action team - looking forward to check the graphic novel...

Anonymous said...

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