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Goth Girl and Goth Owl

This is for the Drawergeeks topic, Goths. It needs some polish it probably won't get, but I was happy that it only took me about an hour to do. I'm even happier that I have something to contribute to Drawergeeks this time round. I've missed some great topics. Taking care of my daughter eats up a lot of drawing time and pretty much obliterates blogging and e-mail time (although I can't think of a more delightful distraction.) However, I am still working on my graphic novel and although slow going, progress is happening. Next up, blogwise, is new graphic novel art, so stay tuned.

Wee Babies

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years. Two of my cousins also had babies in 2008, this sketch of our little ones was a Christmas present for them.