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The Wellington Division - End of Book Four

Here is the conclusion to book four.

The next Wellington Division update will be Monday, May 23rd. My family is coming to visit for a few weeks. :)


So, who is this little girl who wanders through the woods breaking into houses?
I tried something new with the colors here, using more flat shapes and layers. :)

The Wellington Division - The One... Maybe

New comic roughs up. Only six pages, a little scene. But its probably a good thing, because its been a crazy week.

So I guess some of my work has recently appeared on stumbleupon, and I've received a whole bunch of thoughtful emails. If you sent me one of those emails and I haven't replied to it yet, please know it's just been unusually busy here, and I really really appreciate the kind words. It makes my day to know people are reading my stories and enjoying them. Also, thank you to whoever stumbled on me in the first place. :)

The Wellington Division - Sequence 34

More roughs! Back to Tearse with a hodge-podge of little scenes. If you are stopping by for the first time, the beginning of the story can be found here.

Dinosaur! Rarrrgh!

One of the drawing suggestions!

Mother Gothel

I originally posted some thoughts here about balancing kids and career.

I meant what I wrote, but I wasn't sure I was comfortable with something so close to my heart lingering in my blog archives, or worse, popping up on random Mother Gothel image searches forever and ever. :)

But if you read it earlier and left me one of the kind comments, thank you.

The Wellington Division - Food, Fighting and Fancy Clothes

Here is sequence 33. I guess it's not okay to say you like your own writing -- but I like this part. :)

While working on the Wellington Division I gave myself two rules: no traditional comic boxes and no narration, unless one character is telling a story to another.

I hoped with careful composition, deliberate use of values and mindful placement of dialog, I'd be able to clearly guide the eye around each page. We don't see the world in little boxes, so I thought it would be interesting to approach a comic that way too.

The second rule, the no narration rule, is the one that tripped me up length-wise (although I still am glad I did it!) I wanted the story to, as much as possible, unfold scene by scene.

Thank you, also, to everyone who commented on my last post and gave such great suggestions.