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Little Night Sky

I've long wanted to do some art for my daughter's room (who as I type this, I can hear has woken up from her nap and is peeping around in her crib...) and like most wanting to do art for family members, I always have trouble getting started. This, though, is based on the print of Mucha's Night Sky that is hanging in our daughter's room, but instead features our little lady and a bunny... or as she would call it, a"bun." Thanks again for all the kind and thoughtful responses to my last post. It has been encouraging. I know I have not posted much recently, but I have been busy doing some freelance design I was not free to share and a lot of writing. I've got two writing projects nearly complete. What the next step is for the books I'm not sure, but they will need cover art, so stay tuned for that. My e-mail is operational again, but I hope to set up a different address soon. And thank you, of course, for stopping by.