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Poor Forgotten Indy

Silly me, I didn't remember to submit this in time. Be sure to check out drawergeeks this week though, there's some pretty awesome Indianas.

Little Girl and Little Cat

It's probably a good day to hug a kitten. Thanks to writing group last night, I had time to do a couple sketches while listening to other readers. And then thanks to insomnia later last night, I had some time to paint them. :) I'll post a drawergeeks painting tomorrow too. This one is for last week's Toon Club topic.

Mean Pirates

Since I haven't had a chance to do any new blog art lately, I thought I'd post something from one of the projects I have on the go. Here is the first penciled page of a four page short story. There will eventually be a title above and to the left of the pirate ship, I just have to come up with a title I like.

Airplane Wolverine

Wolverine is the topic for Drawergeeks this week. He also seemed particularly appropriate to draw while flying home from Canada.