Airplane Wolverine

Wolverine is the topic for Drawergeeks this week. He also seemed particularly appropriate to draw while flying home from Canada.


mike said…
nice! great anatomy and perspective on this one.

welcome back to the u s of a! we missed you. :D
Breadwig said…
He looks like he's speed skating! Very nice. I don't think I'm going to get to one this week. :(
stephen said…
Great pose! Good to have you back. :)
Pook said…
You are such an inspiring artist, you are really so talented. Your sense of perspective is spot on. Absolutely wonderful work. I mention you on my blog and have a link, hope that is o.k. - I'm new to this whole thing so not up on the etiquette, am I supposed to tell you all?
Tyson said…
This still has that very fluid look that you do so well, but it looks tougher than your usual art.

Which is appropriate, given the subject.

And, as usual with your art, I really like it. Good stuff.
tygriffin said…
Crickets...I'm hearing crickets. :) Always nice to see your artwork in any case. Even better when it's new stuff...ha.

Nusbags said…
Wow! That sure is an awesome pose. Looks really cool. Breadwig told me about your work, I am one of his students! :D
oohhhhh I love it! and All your drawings!
Jampix said…
This is a fab blogsite!

I love princes Leila...:)
Ken Chandler said…
Because I have so much respect for you as an artist, and frankly want to see more of your work...
Tag! You're it!

Here's the deal, Mel Milton just tagged me and 6 other people (not sure who) and forced us at gun point to draw 7 sketches (topic of our choice) in any medium. Then post them on our site.

Then you have the unbridled pleasure of picking 7 victims (er...) friends to do their 7 sketches, and so on.

Kidding about the gun. Mel just posted a comment.
Have fun with it. I did.
sarah said…
Oh no Ken! Don't tag me! I'm crazy swamped with work.

(Ducks gun, throws ninja smoke bomb and runs away!)

Ha ha. I'll try and do something this weekend maybe. But I've been trying to squeeze in an Drawergeeks and Toon Club drawing this week, and no dice so far :( May-June is going to be nuts! Regardless I'll try to post something soon again. I know my blog has been pretty dead in the water lately.

I'd also love to finish the Dragon Girl story soon. :)
Tyson said…
Sarah - forget the "post 7 things" tag - we need the end of the Dragon Girl story! Please!
Ken Chandler said…
No rush Sarah. If you get 7 sketches done in the next 7 months I'll consider that a fulfillment of your 'moral obligation' to this silly challenge. I did all seven in around 2-3 hours, nothing special, but I had fun. I hope you will too.

I look forward to seeing what you do with your Dragon Girl story. I've been really impressed so far, and I'm sure that any future instalments will be equally stunning.
burung gereja said…
wow! thats a very amazing pose of wolverine

sarah, how did u do this?
i was wondering how to join drawer geeks!

it looks like fun