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Princess Leia

For Drawergeeks today. I did this without much reference so I think it ended up less Carrie Fisher and more me dressed up for Halloween in tenth grade. I still remember being really ticked off after some kid said "Thanks Luke Skywalker" after I gave him some candy. Luke? I had buns! Buns!


Yay! I actually got some sketches done for this week's Toonclub topic. Yay me!

Flight Story on New York Magazine Blog!

Exciting news! Flight Four caught the eye of the New York Magazine, and the first half of my Flight story, The Forever Box, is being featured on their new comic blog. ( Go here! ) Check it out and be sure to also check out the whole Flight Four book when it comes out July 10th :)

Writer's Group Geisha

Thought I ran out the door to writer's group without a sketchbook, but then happily realized I had a notebook tucked in my bag from writing down house paint colours earlier. You can see all my scrawly notes I jotted down while listening to another reader. Since I finished most of my studio unpacking and computer plugging in-ing tonight, I threw some paint on this to celebrate. Yay!


Just realized that I never posted the finished version of this, so here it is! I'm spending a lot of time on the graphic novel right now, which is why I'm not posting as much. I have a self imposed summer deadline for finishing all the rough layouts. We also closed on our new house yesterday. Not only did we get a cool first home, but we also snagged a free backyard trampoline. Yay! Best house ever! Now if only I could snap my fingers and be magically all moved in...

Parable Finished!

Yay! My story "Above" for Parable is colored and done! Can't post the whole thing, but here's a little excerpt from it :)