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Fairy Nudity

Here is a sketch I did yesterday. The colors make me think of a 70's rock poster.

I have noticed lately that when I don't color things several of the comments tend to be "but what about the color?" Initially I found it odd (why does everything need color to be considered finished?), but then I realized I've made similar comments on other people's blogs. I'm guilty of really loving color too, and quite honestly, if I had the time, I'd love to fully paint and render everything I draw. I wonder what the universal appeal of a fully fleshed out painting is compared to a simple line drawing?

Here also is a recent design I've done for the graphic novel. I'll post more novel stuff in the coming months as I complete the final art for the opening sequences. For this street scape, I wanted to develop a "language" of repeating shapes and architectural details that would help identify the city every time the story brings us here. I want all my majo…

Powerpuff Girls

The new Drawergeeks topic is triplets. At first I wasn't all that inspired, but I then I realized this morning that these monster-slaying-Townsville-saving ladies are triplets.

Birthday Portrait

Someday I would like to do a fancier painting of Stephen. I did another initially that was more painterly/detailed, but somewhere along the way it lost it's Stephen-ness.
Also, if you are interested in reading Fablewood, the latest anthology I've been published in, it is now available online! Check it out at Ape and Amazon. I'm told it's best to order from the Ape Entertainment store, as they currently have it in stock.