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Page One Redo

Hey Sarah, quit reposting things. But wait, it IS different than the original version and since it took me so darn long, it gets it's own special post. I plan to redo page two as well, so everything matches, but I'll finish page five -- a new page -- first, which will wrap up this opening scene.

Page Four

Page four! This sequence will wrap up with the next page and then I'll announce a title, set up a webpage and all that. If the girl's dialogue seems random up there at the top of the page, remember this page follows page three . And if you are stopping by for the first time, here also are pages one and two .

Buttercup and Westley

For Toonclub's Favorite Stories topic. I'd love to add some kind of background to this, I'd also love to draw the rest of the cast. If you haven't read the book, you should. And if you've tried to read the book and gotten bogged down in the introduction part, I say skip it. It is kind of boring. But the book is just as much fun as the film, if not more.

Page Three Again

Page Three, take two. As eager as I am to get rolling with this story, I want to make sure I commit to a look that I'll be happy with when I'm knee deep in pages. I also want to find a way to do this comic that doesn't take too long, because I work on it in my spare time. This page is digitally inked and I've redone my colors, which I think look less muddy than my previous version. I've also made some changes to the drawing, such as I made the girl's hair more disheveled and I removed the man's mask. If you want to compare the two page threes, the first version of page three is here. Once I finish posting all five pages in the opening sequence, I'll announce the story title, set up an online archive of the pages and all that. Thank you for following along and being so supportive. :)

Small Design Change

A quick redesign for my blind character. I think he'll be more expressive with visible eyes and eyebrows. I also like his hair silhouette better this way.

Page Three

Page three! Did anyone notice the bat in the last page? Maybe not. He was pretty little. I mentioned in my last post that this page would be digitally inked, but at the last minute I stuck with what I'd already done by hand. I'm still a little undecided on exactly how I'm going to do this comic. For new readers, here is  page one and page two .