Page Three

Page three! Did anyone notice the bat in the last page? Maybe not. He was pretty little.

I mentioned in my last post that this page would be digitally inked, but at the last minute I stuck with what I'd already done by hand. I'm still a little undecided on exactly how I'm going to do this comic. For new readers, here is page one and page two.


Jonny said…
I know page three is early to be pushing for a print version, but I think I'm already sold on buying a copy if it happens. This is fantastic visual storytelling!
David said…
Haha I just read "Did anyone notice the bat in the last POST?" so I thought to myself "well yeah, it's more like a dragon but it's pretty big actually" :D

I don't know what you have in mind but in my opinion, the black and white with just the blue in it looks really nice! I like it that way!

Cheers :)
Jg said…
I digitally inked the prologue of Eleanor... but the next two chapters I've inked by hand. I just can't get the refinement I want out of my Cintiq.

It's great for colors, though. :D
Parkourgeek said…
Hey a blind dude! those are always the best : D got one in my story.
manu cassier said…
Very good job... as always !
sarah said…
Hey thanks everyone! This is still a bit a of a work in progress, in that I'm probably going to re-post these pages with some minor tweeks. It's so encouraging that everyone really digs what I've got so far.

Jason, I'm curious to know what program you were inking Eleanor with. I've never had much luck with Photoshop, but I'm really liking Manga Studio so far.

As for my blind character, his mask is about to come off. I think he'll be more expressive that way. :)
dori said…
This looks really cool! Can't wait to see more pages... I have one Question (make that two): Do you ever have trouble finding names for your characters, or do they just "pop" up in your mind? If you do, do you mix and match syllables until it sounds just right, or do you consider that a bit unimaginative?:P I'm a bit stuck with a story, maybe you can give me a piece of advice(?)I would really appreciate it:D
sarah said…
Hi Dori!

Lately my stories have been using real names, so I just try to go with whatever pops into my head first that feels right. If I'm stuck, I start opening baby name books to random pages, or flip through a phone book. And if I'm still stuck, I just throw in a temporary name and replace it later when I think of something better.

For invented names, like most of those in the WD, I usually try to think of something that is fairly easy to say and has the feel of a traditional name. Sometimes I look at random words in books, steal the middle of them, add the middle of another random word, and see what happens. :)
dori said…
Thank you so much! Your advice was very helpful. I hadn't though of looking in a phonebook, and after about 5 min I found the perfect name! It was so cool to get a response from you so quickly, even more so because I was worried about my spelling and grammar:P
Your blog rocks, and I hope to be as great an artist as you someday!
WolfSister said…
AHAHAHAHA "blind as a bat" XD
Sorry, Couldn't help but laugh.
So excited! I Loved you Wellington Division and I know this is going to be just as awesomE!!!!
Exclamation points!!!

Just a side note, you have definitely inspired me to become a better artist :) I'm the best in my grade(no literally, it's a small sporting community and nobody cares about the arts), so I was pretty confident in my skills and now I want to be even better. THANK-YOU!
sarah said…
No problem, Dori!

And thanks WolfSister! I find wandering around looking at people's blogs also very inspiring, too. I'm glad you've found mine encouraging. All the best!

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