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The topic over at Toon Club this week is Gladiator. Stephen suggested I do a lady Gladiator and I'm pretty happy with the way she turned out. Huh, makes me want to go play Titan Quest too.

Dragon Girl (#14)

Thanks everyone for being patient with me, it's been one of those other-stuff-in-life-busy weeks where I'm neither checking other people's blogs as much as I'd like or posting on mine :) I really appreciate everyone who has been taking the time to stop by and apologize for not responding much.

And... painted!

(Click on the image for a bigger one!) Sorry it took me so very long to get up a second post this week. I kept painting this little by little everyday, but wasn't able to devote a huge block of time to it.
Here's a detail of the faces too!

What not to wear in the Italian Renaissance

I don't think I will ever get bored with using Albert Racinet's work for inspiration. If you are interested in character design, I recommend hunting through your local used bookstores for the big size-of-a-coffee-table book he wrote on costume history. It's probably the most helpful reference book I have.

The Tortoise and The Hare

(Click on image for larger version.) Another for Toon Club! Yeah, it doesn't look like a very interesting (or even logical) race, but rabbits sitting on turtles is cute.
This week has been very productive graphic novel wise, but not really blog wise, but luckily last night I got all inspired and drew up a storm while watching 'Coal Miner's Daughter' on TCM and then a show on the Kennedy Assassination (which is always interesting since I live in Dallas and every time I get lost downtown I accidentally end up driving past the Grassy Knoll/Book Depository and get stuck going north on 35!) But yes, if you have never seen Coal Miner's Daughter, it's worth checking out. Yay for TCM!

Dragon Girl (#13)

And another Dragon Girl post! Click on the images for larger versions and if you've missed the story so far, check out the link on the right :)


Sketched this last night at writing group. I don't generally advocate cupid, because arrows are dangerous and children with arrows are... well... more dangerous, but it's for Toon Club's love week.


This is just a quickie. Maybe I'll be able to do something better for Drawergeeks, but maybe not, it's a bit of a busy week.

I'm also happy to say that I'll definitely be at the Comic-Con in San Diego this year to support Flight 4 (which is going to be really cool) and also to run about and have fun. Stephen, Tony and I made our hotel reservation a triple threat by all calling the reservation desk at once when it opened this morning and luckily one of us got through. Madness! :)

I'm thinking of maybe putting together some sketchbooks of my art to sell and also bringing a couple prints! Hurrah! Yay comics!

Dragon Girl (# 12)

(Click for larger versions.) Finally got another Dragon Girl post up! To read the whole story so far, click on the link to the right. Hope everyone had a good weekend :)


I'm excited to announce Mike Maihack asked me to be a part of Parable, the comic anthology he is putting together with a slew of other cool artists. Since I'm a bit of a last minute entry, it's going to take some scrambling to get the story done on time, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

This is my initial design for the main character of my comic. The seed-like thing on the ground is the food he likes to eat.