This is just a quickie. Maybe I'll be able to do something better for Drawergeeks, but maybe not, it's a bit of a busy week.

I'm also happy to say that I'll definitely be at the Comic-Con in San Diego this year to support Flight 4 (which is going to be really cool) and also to run about and have fun. Stephen, Tony and I made our hotel reservation a triple threat by all calling the reservation desk at once when it opened this morning and luckily one of us got through. Madness! :)

I'm thinking of maybe putting together some sketchbooks of my art to sell and also bringing a couple prints! Hurrah! Yay comics!


Dominic Bugatto said…
Awesome. A bit of a departure too .
Marco Bucci said…
I like the face! Unusual, fun expression.
Aaron Knight said…
He looks quite happy.

I love your work!
Tanja said…
Shazam! Fun topic - although I generally preferred watching Isis on tv instead (Girl Power!). ;)

Yay for Comic-con!
Ultra cool!!! VEry nice!! Good take on this!

As I said on my blog bit, we'll be at Con DFW in about two weeks. We're passing on ComicCon only because we're totally burned out for this year anyway.
I'm trying to convince my dad to let me go - but I don't know my chances (it's also the weekend of his fiancee's - my future stepmom's - wedding shower) -- so I don't think I'll be able to go one of the days or maybe I'll only go for one day, we'll see! I hope I get to meet you though - that'd be really cool! :)
Howard Shum said…
Cool Captain Marvel!
Anonymous said…

take me with you! or else.
S.T. Lewis said…
This is really nice... classic super hero. I love his square jaw, and the colors are great.
Don Murphy said…

superhero with a sash? c'mon shazam!

also, i quite enjoy the dragon story line, a fun read and great art.
Vanhoozerbot said…
Fantastically awesome!
I may not get to do one this week...:(

I WILL be at the con, so we must meet up. I can pick your brain and steal some of your talent.

Ryan Wood said…
Great take on Shazam!
pascal said…
OH my ....what a great sketch!
I need to do mine as well.
I can't wait to see you at the con again!
mike said…
maaaan! sarah! that is sooo good. you captured him perfectly!

and here i am spending far too long on mine again...
Tony C. said…
Woo! Go Triple Threat! I can't wait for the Con.

I like the big square elements of your Captain Marvel. The build makes him so much more imposing than Superman, like a football linebacker to Superman's wide receiver.
Kisel.B said…
I like it a lot!
Steve Schwartz said…
very cute! i love the higlights.
mayhaps i'll see you there, though all i have are plane tickets at the moment. need to stop procrastinating!

oh and...i love him
Cool Sarah! I will see you there and maybe buy a print or two....or three! lol
Hi Sarah, Awesome style and Work!! ^_^

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Thanks Ryan