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The Wellington Division - Intruder

New Wellington Division sequence . The story gets progressively darker from here on out, but this scene is particularly grim. And not to throw out spoilers, but not every character lives to see the end of the Wellington Division. Yet somehow this creep does! Also, Brian Gardes at Stumptown Trade Review gave the Wellington Division a really cool review . Hurrah! :)

Girl in Sari

Testing some painting techniques. If I were to spend more time on this, I'd give her a few more necklaces.

The Wellington Division - Mistakes

A new sequence of the Wellington Division is now up, beginning book five.

Yule Ball Hermione

I'm rereading the fourth Harry Potter book. I love the Yule Ball scene. In it, Hermione wears floaty, girly dress robes, rather than a dress. I thought it might be fun to draw them. :)


So here's an awesome illustration of Kyte by the super talented Sarah Schanze! Thank you so much, Sarah! Sarah has a really cool vikingtastic web-comic that you should all check out too... Thistil Mistil Kistil. And as I mentioned in my last post, my family is visiting, so the Wellington Division will continue May 23rd. Happy Mothers Day to all you other moms out there! :)