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Comic Colour Roughs!

Being a Canadian who lives in the U.S. makes me rethink how I spell 'colour' every time I write it. Ha. I tend to opt for the Canadian spelling. I like 'U's in words. Anyway! I was sending off some comic stuff to my writing group for an article in their newsletter about graphic novels and I came across these colour studies I did for the opening scene and I thought they might be interesting to post here. Thanks to Nathan Lindsay's good suggestion about using my digital camera as a temporary scanner, I hope to post some new drawings now and then too. I did bring a little wacom. Vancouver is beautiful and everyone at Rainmaker is very nice. I wish Stephen and the cats could be up here with me too though. :)

Off to Vancouver!

Just a quick sketch/painting. I was listening to Amy Winehouse while drawing and was inspired. Her music reminds of the wonderful Ella Fitzgerald and makes me want to dance around. So in a whirlwind of hiring and packing, I'm off to Vancouver for the summer to be a character designer at Rainmaker for their first animated film. I'm not sure how this will affect the blog as I can't easily take my scanner on a plane, but I will update when possible. The graphic novel is still very much in the works (I am nearly done a complete rough of the entire story) and I am also beginning to work on a story for Flight 5. And if I don't have a chance to update again soon, I will be at the Comic-Con in San Diego, either helping out at the Flight booth or running around spending too much money on art books. I will hopefully have some art prints for sale too. If you are there, come say hello! :)


Thank you everyone very much for all the kind comments on the Dragon Girl story. I've felt so encouraged and inspired the past couple days because of them. This sketch is for drawergeeks' Cinderella topic. I was hoping to ink her, but then it got late. India ink, the nice carpet and my sleepiness seemed like a bad combination. I don't think I've ever run fast enough to loose a shoe. Although I did trip on a curb once and somehow accidentally kicked my shoe two houses away.

Dragon Girl Spectacular (The end of the story!)

Hurray the end! I feel like I'm tying up lots of little project loose ends this week and it feels awesome. For those of you who would like to read the Dragon Girl story in it's entirety, go here or follow the Dragon Girl link on the right side of this page. Now all I have to do is go back and do a whole slew of finished illustrations for this. Eagh.