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Kapow! A bat!

Waiting in Line

Recently, I had to wait in line for two-three hours to enroll my kids in preschool. Luckily I brought my sketchbook and a fistful of sharp pencils. (And some snacks and my kindle...) Not sure who this girl is, but I like that she doesn't have a traditional comic-book shape and is still pretty sexy. And here are my feet. Who needs shoes? ... and then I decided that I should probably draw my hands, because I still kind of secretly hate drawing hands. And here's a stab at a Belle sketch, to possibly follow up that Little Mermaid painting. I wish Disney marketing focused more on Belle's love of books, rather than her poofy yellow dress. Here are some random dragon creatures. And here's an unfinished fairy, because at that point I got to the front of the line! Hurrah!