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The Wellington Division - Haylin

New pages up! Tearse should probably stop leaving Elsie alone on the island.

The Wellington Division - Final Book

New pages are up, beginning Book Six, the last book of the Wellington Division. It's exciting to think I'll soon be posting the end of the story. :)


It's been a busy week and my Nessa pin-up art isn't done yet. I've been carrying it around with me as I play with the kiddos, penciling as I go. It has narrowly avoided splatters of milk, and the embellishments of an eager one-year-old artist.

But since I like to post something in-between graphic novel posts, here's a little painting. :)

The Wellington Division - Challa

The final sequence of Book Five: Mistakes is now up. Only one more book to go!
Thank you everyone who offered suggestions as to which Wellington Division character should have a pin-up drawing. There is some Nessa art in the works... :)


My very talented writer friend, Kara Ashley Dey was kind enough to interview me about my art and storytelling as a part of her ongoing "Spells of Artistry" series. You can read the interview here!

Be sure to also check out Kara's other fascinating interviews, featuring two artists I admire, Deanna Molinaro and Audrey Knight, and as well as the accomplished musician, Hollan Holmes.

The Wellington Division - Rescue Attempt

New pages are up! And next week's post will complete Book Five!

Since the majority of these pages are roughs, I was thinking it would be fun to do more polished illustrations of the Wellington Division characters. I'd love some input as to who to draw first. Whatever character (and I don't care how random) that has the most nominations by, let's say, Wednesday, will be the subject of a fancy pin-up. :)

Bird Swing

Here's a color page for Extraordinary.
Also, I just realized how nice the blog templates are now, so I fancied up my blog a bit. :)

The Wellington Division - Unwelcome

New pages are up! Checking in with Jase and his ladies.