It's been a busy week and my Nessa pin-up art isn't done yet. I've been carrying it around with me as I play with the kiddos, penciling as I go. It has narrowly avoided splatters of milk, and the embellishments of an eager one-year-old artist.

But since I like to post something in-between graphic novel posts, here's a little painting. :)


Toria said…
Can I just say how awed & inspired I am that you can get ANY drawing done while looking after 2 kids!
sarah said…
Thanks Toria. Mostly it happens when they are sleeping. :)
This is my favorite that you've posted in a while! It's amazing. :)
Mika said…
Wow, I just love it ö.ö
It's awesome =D
By the way, just found your blog, your stuff is very inspiring =)

Have to watch you =D
Emerson Fialho said…
Teu trabalho é muito bom... Parabéns e muito sucesso!
sarah said…
Thank you very much, Raine, Mika and Emerson. :)
Craig Phillips said…
This is lovely!

I have a 2 year old who has just gone from being a delight ands turned into a tantrum chucking terrible two, from 5.30 in the morning, 'til bed time. And when I have her here I can t get ANYTHING done. So I'm even more impressed!
sarah said…
Thank you so much, Craig. I TRY to get stuff done while the kids are awake, but generally I only accomplish things when the kids are sleeping too. :) And I hear you, today my three year old threw a massive fit because I wouldn't let her go to Lowes in just her underwear.
Felipe said…
Hello Sarah. i think your art is incredible!
greetings from Chile

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