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Pointy Ears and Fancy Beards.

No comic post this week as I just finished packing for a trip and now I am too sleepy/delirious to organize htmls. Instead, here are designs for the sprite crew from last week's sequence 15. You can click on either image for a slightly bigger version of the whole line-up. I'll be back in December. :)

Brownie and Dragon

It was nice today to have a drawing already scanned and ready for a bit of paint.

The Wellington Division - Sequence 15

More comic roughs ! Eraser bits and all. :)

Pippi Longstocking Sequel

So thanks to the new stats on blogger, I discovered that for a long while this old Pippi Longstocking drawing was my top post. I suspected it was a result of Halloween costume google image searching, and since now in November, Pippi is abandoned, I guess that was true. But it all made me think of how much I love Pippi and drawing Pippi twice has to be better than drawing Pippi once. Anyway, so here is Pippi again. I suppose this is for all of you Pippi's-to-be in 2011.

Wellington Division - Sequence 14

This one's just another little Tearse/Tyler sequence . It's so teeny, I nearly tacked it onto last week's. At the end of this sequence there is a reveal of a building and let me just say, the design of it is wrong wrong wrong. I did put some thought into location designs in these roughs, but in general, I pretty much went with the first thing that popped into my head and was more interested in staging/story- thinking I'd fix designs that needed fixing when I did final art. So when you see that building, ignore the lame fairy-tale castle look of it. Instead, think intimidating, cold, fortress-type place. Tyler should be scared!

Ink Wash

It was fun using real ink and paints again, testing out a look. Cold press watercolor paper makes for some woogly lines though... I'll try hot press next time.