Pointy Ears and Fancy Beards.

No comic post this week as I just finished packing for a trip and now I am too sleepy/delirious to organize htmls. Instead, here are designs for the sprite crew from last week's sequence 15.

You can click on either image for a slightly bigger version of the whole line-up.

I'll be back in December. :)


sami said…
love it! they are all so very unique :)
I really love your characters, your drawings, your comics. Great job. I always look forward to your posts.
Anonymous said…
Oh these are nice! I like the varying designs :)
keith said…
Great stuff Sarah! I just read the comic and it's wonderful. Have a good trip.
GhettoFab said…
always fun designs

good luck with your trip!
Vanhoozerbot said…
You rock it!
Your line work and shapes are fantastic.

anoddchild said…
The center one looks kind of like Stephen to me, with no hair. :3