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Painted Jackalope

Mild mannered rabbit by day, avenging Jackalope by night! This is a birthday present for one of my nephews. You can find the original drawing in this old post.

The Wellington Division - The One

The second to last sequence of my graphic novel is now up.

The Wellington Division - Villain

New comic pages are up... Just a short scene this week.

The Wellington Division - Turae

New pages are up. Thank you to everyone who has been leaving such interesting comments. It's really fascinating to hear other people's thoughts about the story and the characters.

The Wellington Division - Jase and Yelrah

New pages are up. Thank you for your patience. I was out of town yesterday and had no way to post this. Yelrah is one of my favorite characters, but I suppose you wouldn't think so considering her story, particularly this week. Only a handful of sequences to go. Next week's sequence has a huge plot revelation.


This is a sketch of a character from a story I wrote a few years ago and am about to start editing. She not supposed to be Nordic, though, so I think I'll have to loose the helm. Also, the next Wellington Division sequence will post Tuesday, rather than Monday. I have a busy weekend coming up. :)