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Jump in your time machine, it's time for a 2015 art recap!

So since I'm doing the book publishing thing, it seems I should do the blogging thing too. I didn't think anyone read blogs anymore, which is why I let this one get so very dusty--but no! It seems that in the publishing world, blogs are still a big deal, so I'm reviving mine. And to be honest, I kind of love the excuse to come back here and putter around. As much as I enjoy the social side of Instagram and Twitter, I miss the self-curated nature of a blog and the chance to ramble a bit. I also miss posting my art in a place that feels less dependent on algorithms and "likes" and what not. And now that I'm being more open about my book writing, rather than being so secretive about it, maybe I'll have more to say too. ...Or maybe not. I just wrote an honest account of everything that happened in my life in 2015 (some of it was stressful) and then deleted it all. :) But never mind my inability to be candid, here's some 2015 art! I still love