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Finding a Tiny Elephant

Ha ha, yeah, no real explanation for this. Since yesterday's post was a bit more girly than usual, I thought I'd make today super ungirly, like with a big zombie or villainous something-or-other. This little girl and her elephant appeared in my sketchbook instead.

Hope everyone has a happy new year :) Yay for the weekend!

For my Great Aunt

I was telling Stephen last night how guilty I felt that my Great Aunt asked me for a drawing of a doll years ago and I still hadn't done it. He reminded me that it really wouldn't take much time, so I drew a doll today for the blog drawing to give to her.

My Great Aunt made china dolls herself, right down to sewing them clothes and making wigs. She even made me a doll of me when I was little :)

Dragon Girl (#8)

And more story! (Click images for larger versions.)

Temple of Danger!

(Click image for larger version.) I meant to continue the Dragon Girl story today, but since I finished this illustration this afternoon, here it is instead.

The characters here have been borrowed from one of my old student films. I'd love to write a new story for them someday... just have to find enough time :)


Was running about doing Christmas tree set-up etc. today so I just managed to add some colour to a sketch a did a couple days back.

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone gets lots of presents and eats lots of chocolate goodies!

I'll post again on Tuesday :)

Guinea Pig Tomato Massacre

No Dragon Girl story today... my sister-in-law is over hanging out and I didn't want to spend too long on the blog. We were discussing a guinea pig who violently eats vegetables though, so here he is :)

Another Snow White post...

Thought I'd throw some colour on one of the Snow White sketches.

Dragon Girl (#7)

And more of the dragon girl story :) (Click images for larger versions.)

Snow Whites and a Raggedy Ann

Some drawergeeks ideas and sketches. This week the topic is Snow White, and since I recently painted a Snow White drawing for the blog, I thought I'd try sketching some very different Snow Whites. I also missed the Raggedy Ann/Andy week while I was on vacation, so I did a sketch of Raggedy Ann based on my Blythe-like pullip dolls. If I have time I may draw a similarly themed Raggedy Andy.

I'll probably try to paint a Snow White or too over the next few days :)

Dragon Girl (#6)

More of the Dragon Girl story. Yay for Friday!

So what is Mrs.Claus's first name anyway?

This is for drawergeeks tomorrow. The subject is Santa. Our second wedding reception last week got me to thinking that Mr. and Mrs. Claus clearly got married once.... and I guess they maybe were a bit younger too :)
Thank you all for the warm welcome back from my holidays. I've just switched to the new google blogger, so hopefully it won't muck anything up. Please let me know if it does. Also, I forgot to mention, that if you want to see a quick QUICK shot of me looking dorky and talking about animation, check out the special features on The Ant Bully DVD. I'm in the "It takes a colony" part representing the animation department. If I look mildly alarmed, it's because just before they started shooting the director guy told me my face was really shiny.

Here come some robots...

I've decided for the betterment of my work-day, I'm going to start posting in the late afternoon, rather than morning. It seemed lately that by the time I finished a blog drawing, I'd check a whole slew of other people's blogs, answer some e-mail, eat lunch, excercise and then by the time I started real work it was already two or three in the afternoon. Very bad. This way, I can wake up, work eight/nine hours and THEN do the blog drawing.

The blog will be updated every day though... so keep on checking whatever time of day is good for you and there will be something new!

I'm back!

Ha ha, the title of this seems to indicate this drawing is supposed to be me.... and no. Just some girl I doodled on the phone while talking to my mom this morning. I experimented with painting on a multiply layer and although the colours are a little too 'barbie', I'm pretty happy with the results.

So I had a great vacation up in Canada. I visited with a slew of relatives I rarely see, met my new nephew, celebrated an early Christmas with my family, Stephen and I had our long postponed Canadian wedding reception and saw a bit of Toronto with some visiting Texas family. One of the highlights was going to Casa Loma and watching our little nieces meet some women dressed up like fairies there.

By the way, if anyone is in Toronto and is related to some little ones, Casa Loma has one of the best Santa Claus's I've ever seen. I rate him five candy canes.