So what is Mrs.Claus's first name anyway?

This is for drawergeeks tomorrow. The subject is Santa. Our second wedding reception last week got me to thinking that Mr. and Mrs. Claus clearly got married once.... and I guess they maybe were a bit younger too :)
Thank you all for the warm welcome back from my holidays. I've just switched to the new google blogger, so hopefully it won't muck anything up. Please let me know if it does.
Also, I forgot to mention, that if you want to see a quick QUICK shot of me looking dorky and talking about animation, check out the special features on The Ant Bully DVD. I'm in the "It takes a colony" part representing the animation department. If I look mildly alarmed, it's because just before they started shooting the director guy told me my face was really shiny.


S.D. said…
As always your painting is amazing. The Santa Claus design is very original, and this little couple is cute. And what about colors? They are fantastic! ;)
I don't have this DVD, but if I see it a day, I'll remember to look carefully to the features!
mike said…

ha ha! i'll have to check out that dvd!
BGOZ said…
Isn't it Mary?

This is a great painting. I love the romantic.

Oh, and welcome back of course.

S.T. Lewis said…
Nothing wrong with a shiny face. Nice of the director to point that out to you right before he starts rolling.

I love the designs, as always. Nice stuff, Sarah.
stephen said…
Excellent original design! We've all seen Santa in so many different forms, it's refreshing to see something new. These last couple paintings have a real ease to them, very natural. Great work!
Dave David said…
yay!!! Sarah is back.
Glad to see your artwork after these 2 weeks of hell.
MiJa said…
wow.. this is such a sweet painting, and they look sooo happy and in love!
pgib said…
Hi Sarah, just wondering what medium you used to do this painting? It's really nice.
MüjdeAlgül said…
Hi Sarah;
Beautiful! I like your style..
Breadwig said…
come on Sarah, rip the DVD and post your interview!

Great take on the Clauses, very cool.
Doron Meir said…
Hey, cool drawing!
Adam M Botsford said…
Fantastic! I like the warm values used that soften the picture. I see it a lot in the images you posted.
Well, I've been following you since this post and it's always annoyed me that nobody's answered the question about Mrs. Clause. In the old Christmas movie about Santa Clause becoming Santa Clause (Do you know which one I'm talking about?) it specifically mentions her name being Jessica. That's the answer that I'm sticking with. ^_^

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