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Finished my drawergeeks entry early. I'm pretty happy with this painting and it came together much quicker than usual too. Yay! As I worked on this, I started wondering why Tarzan is so often depicted as clean-shaven. I guess I could have thrown in a moustache, chest hair etc. too, but why is that? Thank you also to everyone who has been stopping by the blog lately.

Dinner Party

I decided to paint a sketch I did a few weeks ago. Click on the image for a larger version. I had thought I might colour it, but I think I like it black and white. Or maybe I just like it black and white because I know I should probably work on some other projects today. Apparently Fablewood will be out in comic stores very soon, if not now. Exciting!

Robots and Monsters and Love

So the theme for Toon Club is Robot and the theme for Drawergeeks is Monsters Under the Bed AND today is Valentines, so here you go. The monster drawing makes me think of Scott Campbell's funny Flight comic . I think it's the little people on the head thing. I've now officially finished my graphic novel roughs, which means I can move onto actually working on finished art. This has me VERY excited. I also hope to now spend some time updating my website and maybe even setting up the print shop I've long promised. At the very least, I hope this means more blogging. :) I'm also giving a "how to" talk about comics at the DFW Writing Conference at the end of the month, so if you're in Texas, come check it out!

Some Cuties

Just a little post to tide the blog over while I'm busy wrangling graphic novel roughs and getting ready for the new family member. I would love to do finished art for The Dindle . Here are some character design ideas for the dindle and his friend... the cats are from a separate story.