Some Cuties

Just a little post to tide the blog over while I'm busy wrangling graphic novel roughs and getting ready for the new family member.

I would love to do finished art for The Dindle. Here are some character design ideas for the dindle and his friend... the cats are from a separate story.


Very beautifull all blog and this draw. Congratulations from Spain ; )
Sam Nielson said…
Very nice, fluid designs!
Xupz said…
"Very beautiful all blog and this draw.
Congratulations from France ;)"

And because it sucks to just say what someone else already said, well... I'm impressed by the way you manage to draw realistic animals but still with your special way of drawing. *_*
Vanhoozerbot said…
You have the cleanest lines.
Very full of life.

Your fan,

Tom Scholes said…
I love the bird, left middle. Love <3
Breadwig said…
Super mondo. I especially like the second birdie too.
Mish said…
i like the middle ones...the square-ish bird and the skinny dindle. super cute!
Eathan said…
I luv your work..
Reminds me of the cartoons when I was a kid.
Janderson said…
How can you draw those creatures sooooo cute? How?? :D
Love your work. Always clean, with a beautiful style.
Thanks for sharing this arts.

kim said…
the cat looks so flexible and fun to pet. I want one !

I love your designs and am very curious to see these cuties painted.
Nathan Lindsay said…
this are really nice sarah...and the dindles story is great I love all the colors.
mauricio salmon said…
very fun characters sarah,
best of luck to the "coming family member"
Nicodemo said…
Nice sketchs but i seen lots like urs
creativity its hard to spot these days
c.g.young said…
Always fun to see your art.
It's almost like comfort food, looks fantastic and leaves you feeling warm and content. This particular post makes me want to watch "Riki Tiki Tavi", it has a little bit of that Chuck Jones magic about it.
Mike Mac said…
Sarah fantastic bog! i really enjoyed looking over every post.
All your work is amazing, i can't see one weakness in your work. I love the birds in this pic.

Cots said…
Just installed this.

Really cool semi-random web browser based on a set of topics you tell it your interested in when you first install it. You can also specify single sites you want to surf, like Blogspot here (a tremendously hard site to 'stumble' upon anything cool without a link from another user.)

Your site came up on my third click through Blogspot. Very Cool.

As always, great work.
Linda said…
What talent you have!
Malene Hald said…
These are very cute. Wish I had one of them in real life!
André said…
so muuch cooolll!
Anonymous said…
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Nessa said…
This is so cute! Your blog is really inspiring!!!

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