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More Sketchbook Characters

Did some more sketching during writing group last night, mostly random stuff, although the hick is for the next drawergeeks topic. Hope everyone has a great holiday! I plan to eat lots of food. :)

Pirate, Boy and Lyra

I've been very busy trying to complete my Flight 5 story before my parents arrive for Christmas, but here are some random drawings I did while waiting for the monster Flight page files to open or save on my computer. I saw The Golden Compass several weekends ago and thought it was much better than the critics made it out to be. The little girl who played Lyra did a fantastic job. It's too bad though that books somehow don't 'count' to the public unless they are made into films. I'm reading The Golden Compass now, and although the film is an admirable attempt to capture a very complex story, there are just some things better read than seen in a theater.