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The Wellington Division - Fire

New pages  are up. Five sequences to go!

The Wellington Division - Things Get Worse

New pages  are up! Another battle, maybe the last. Meanwhile, Tearse makes a few discoveries.

Goth Girl Animation by Jennifer Vu!

So the very talented Jennifer Vu did this awesome walk cycle of my goth girl!  So cool! To see more of Jennifer's super charming design and illustration work, be sure to check out her blog and deviant art page. :)

The Wellington Division - Unfortunate

New pages . Battle's won, but things never go as planned for Yelrah.

The Wellington Division - Nessa

And done! Thank you to everyone who voted for who I should draw. For those of you who may not know who Nessa is, or perhaps have forgotten her (she's only in the comic for a short while) she first appears in the Wellington Division in this sequence.  She's a sweet, sometimes petulant, stubbornly nude mermaid, and is one of several characters who befriend Tyler in Emperor Viperal's private museum. Since I've drawn my share of mermaids, I wanted to do something different with Nessa. I thought with all her flowing hair, it would be interesting to attempt something Mucha-esque. I would like to draw one of the male WD characters next (because I've been drawing so many girls lately), but again, I'd love your input and will draw whichever character has the most votes. So please let me know which boy, or guy, or man, or evil villain (or talking dog?) you would most like to see. :)

The Wellington Division - Those Southern Sprites

New pages are up! This is one of those sequences I would have loved to have properly finished. There is so much going on in these roughs, finished art would have clarified the action better. If you find page 648 confusing, it is meant to be looking over the character's shoulders, down into the valley below - the reverse of the last panel on page 647.