The Wellington Division - Those Southern Sprites

New pages are up!

This is one of those sequences I would have loved to have properly finished. There is so much going on in these roughs, finished art would have clarified the action better. If you find page 648 confusing, it is meant to be looking over the character's shoulders, down into the valley below - the reverse of the last panel on page 647.


who-the-moon-is said…
I got that, actually... you handled those panels nicely, especially that shot of Jase from behind, looking up at the reinforcements coming down the hill. :) Very cinematic and it directed the eye nicely.
Thank you for posting! It made me laugh that Tearse is running around picking up children and dropping them off... just like he's been doing the whole rest of the comic.
sarah said…
Thanks! Some other readers have been confused by that part, I think because the valley is not drawn in that much detail. Good to know not everyone is confused by it.

And ha, about Tearse and the kiddos. That never occurred to me, but so true. :)
Anonymous said…
Your writing is so good, Sarah! I can't wait for every time you post! Keep it up! Love Tearse!
sarah said…
Thank you, that's really kind of you to say. :)
Nina, JHB, RSA said…
Came across your sketches on Pinterest about a week ago, then started reading your stories and am now absolutely hooked on the Wellington Division! Can't wait to read the next installment. Are you going to have it published? Your illustration is excellent!
sarah said…
Thanks so much, Nina. I don't think I'll publish it as a book anytime soon. It's not in a print-friendly format, unfortunately. :)

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