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The Wellington Division - Book Three - Slaves

And on to Book Three! Here are the roughs for sequence 24 , in which we find out what happened to Jase after losing this rumble.

The Wellington Division - End of Book Two and Thor!

Here is the conclusion of book two. This sequence also has the second appearance of the Wellington Division's big bad, Viperal, ooo... Book three has fewer, longer sequences; seven compared to this book's thirteen. That means more formatting work for me, but I look forward to posting larger chunks of story each week. Hurrah! Also, here's a sketchy painting of Thor! Thortastic! This is a discarded concept for Thor art I have in the works. Stay tuned for more Nordic goodness.

The Wellington Division - Sequence 22

New roughs! Elsie shouldn't fall asleep around strangers... especially morally ambiguous ones. Next week I'll be posting the end of book two! Hurrah! I also polished this painting of E and L and updated my post. If you are curious, here is the original version.

The Wellington Division - Sequence 21

New comic roughs up: Tyler makes some buddies in the asylum.

E and L Painted

Here are these two with some color. Click on the image for a bigger version.

The Wellington Division - Fight!

Happy New Year! Here are more graphic novel roughs. This confrontation between Jase and Tearse would be so much fun to pencil and paint.