E and L Painted

Here are these two with some color. Click on the image for a bigger version.


Jez Tuya said…
beautiful work, Sarah!
Craig Phillips said…
Oh wow! nice! Love the colour!
Charles Eubanks said…
Gorgeous use of light and color! I also like the subtle gauzy quality of her wrap. (Which one's E and which one's L?)
Wow--just wow. Beautiful.
Espetacular! Parabéns!
Abraço cordial.
Giuseppe Bianco said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Giuseppe Bianco said…
If I saw this as a book cover, I would buy the book no matter what it was about. Just gorgeous!
Kent said…
Beautiful as always!!!!
manu cassier said…
Just amazing !
laura! said…
when i come visit you're officially teaching me this program. GAH. GORGEOUS.
sarah said…
Hurrah! Thank you very much everyone. :)

Laura, does that mean you're coming to visit? Yay!
My favorite Sarah!!:)))
Love your art!

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