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The Wellington Division - Sequence 13

Sequence Thirteen! Tearse has a heartwarming chat with his lovable old Dad.
So Google Reader is awesome. Shame on me for never bothering to figure it out before now. I spent the kid's nap time last Thursday adding all the wonderful blogs I am inspired by but hardly ever have the chance to check, and now all I have to do is open Google Reader! Hooray!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. My little frog and cat-princess did. :)

Big Pirate and Little Pirate

My daughter wanted to be in the drawing too. :)

Sequence 12!

More graphic novel roughs!
Almost didn't post this tonight. We were busy moving furniture around the house all day and had both computers unplugged.

The Wellington Division - Sequence 11 is up!

Sequence 11; In which Tearse decides what to do with (translation; how to get rid of) the smallest island intruder.


I tweaked the anthology links on my stories page. I have now posted my Fish story from Fablewood in it's entirety! The Flight stories also now link to the preview pages of those stories on Flight's website and I've put up two preview pages for Above, a story found in the yet-to-be (but soon will be!) released Parable anthology.
I don't intend to do Fablewood a disservice by posting my whole story. So please go check out this really great anthology of short stories. You can find it here on Amazon.
Also! After some thought about the logistics of posting my Wellington Division roughs, I've decided I'll post a new sequence (usually about seven-ten pages) every Monday. If you've read the story so far and you find it somewhat charming, and you are often bored on Mondays, and you have friends that might also find it somewhat charming and be bored on Mondays, spread the word! :)


I know, all caps and so many exclamation marks. It's like I'm yelling at you. But I am! Because hurrah! A shiny new blog design! And a shiny new website design!
And best of all, I've decided to share the entire complete sketched version of my six part graphic novel, with the bonus of thirty painted pages! As of now, book one of the Wellington Division is up! The other five volumes are ready to roll, it's just a matter of building the web pages and replacing my illegible handwritten text with fonts.
I've never hosted something so massive, so hopefully this will not crash my site. If it does, bear with me and I'll figure something out.
I would love to finish the final art for the Wellington Division, (there are so many sequences I was looking forward to painting...) But right now is not the time and it makes me happy to share the story, rather than shelve it. :)
Please note that along with the new website, I also have a new e-mail address.

Apricot Pop!

Several months ago, one of my daughter's favorite things to say was "apricot pop" and so here is a drawing of apricot pop, whatever that might be.
Also, the exciting something I mentioned a few posts back is nearly ready.

Robin Hood and Maid Marian

More forgotten art! These two were drawn this year. I never posted them because I planned to paint them and then was distracted by other projects.


So I was going through some old files from last year and found this painting. I hardly remember painting her and I don't remember why I didn't post her. Maybe I didn't post her because she's unfinished and I thought I'd go back and finish her sometime. Or maybe I didn't post her because she kind of has a crazy eye. Anyway, nuts to finishing things and nuts to crazy eyes, I'm posting her now!
And the exciting something for the blog/website is still in the works...