The Wellington Division - Sequence 13

Sequence Thirteen! Tearse has a heartwarming chat with his lovable old Dad.

So Google Reader is awesome. Shame on me for never bothering to figure it out before now. I spent the kid's nap time last Thursday adding all the wonderful blogs I am inspired by but hardly ever have the chance to check, and now all I have to do is open Google Reader! Hooray!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. My little frog and cat-princess did. :)


smog said…
The blog is wonderfull. I was found it searching for some cat studies, because i do not own one(cat), and I wanted to draw some in my chid's bedroom. I love the series. I think you should do a race description at the end of it, like prologue, if you have the time, of course. You are a full time illustrator and writer? I am a graphic designer and I have so little time left for drawing it kills me. Congrats!!!
PS.Sorry if my english is not that good.
sarah said…
Thanks for the feedback and ideas, smog! I'm actually a full time Mom caring for two tiny kids, so I bet the lack of free time to draw works out about the same. :)
Manuela Soriani said…
U have a really impressive art!

I really love your expressive ability!
sarah said…
Thanks Manuela!
monsterBlues said…
Google reader is awesome. I've been reading this blog through google reader for a couple of years now!

BTW, your drawings, even the simple ones are amazing!

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