I tweaked the anthology links on my stories page. I have now posted my Fish story from Fablewood in it's entirety! The Flight stories also now link to the preview pages of those stories on Flight's website and I've put up two preview pages for Above, a story found in the yet-to-be (but soon will be!) released Parable anthology.

I don't intend to do Fablewood a disservice by posting my whole story. So please go check out this really great anthology of short stories. You can find it here on Amazon.

Also! After some thought about the logistics of posting my Wellington Division roughs, I've decided I'll post a new sequence (usually about seven-ten pages) every Monday. If you've read the story so far and you find it somewhat charming, and you are often bored on Mondays, and you have friends that might also find it somewhat charming and be bored on Mondays, spread the word! :)


Anonymous said…
I like your desaturated colours!
very cute :)
The way you did the speech bubbles is very unique. I really enjoy looking at your work.

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