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Comic-Con 2007!

This picture is a completely inaccurate representation of what being that the con is like. Instead of an open roomy booth, image it stuffed with lots of cool Flight folk. Instead of my lone prints on the table, imagine it packed with numerous little comic books and art goodies and what-nots. Instead of no people in sight, imagine endless crowds. Instead of Stephen at my side, imagine him kindly getting me sandwiches and food to eat. And instead of me standing up, imagine me curled on the floor behind the booth doing a sketch, signing a book, rolling a poster or trying to keep track of what prints I'm selling. So yeah! It was SO much fun. I was thrilled to meet some of the wonderful people who encourage me on this blog, hang out with the wonderful wonderful Flight contributers, reunite with some Sheridan buddies, see old DNA alumni, connect with friends from my current job at Rainmaker, talk to the wonderful guys from Blue Sky who were sharing our booth, meet up with some inspiring

Bunnies Demand Prints!

These angry bunnies were for last week's Drawergeeks topic. Since the Comic-Con in San Diego is right around the corner, here's a sampling of some of the art I'll be selling prints of. There will be seventeen different images altogether, varying in size from 4 by 6 inches, to 13 by 19. Each print has a run of only twenty copies, and as soon as I have a free moment, they will be signed and numbered. I'll be at the Flight booth (1128) most of the time, so come on by, say hi, and grab a copy of Flight 4 too. :) Since I can't post the art I've been doing at work, here's a peek at what I've been doing outside the studio... My sister and I went over to Vancouver Island a few weekends ago. Very pretty.

Flight 4 (and 5!)

Flight Four is out in stores as of Tuesday! Hurray! I still have yet to find it here in Texas but I am told by both my local Barnes and Nobles and comic shop that I can snag a copy next week at the latest. Like the Flight 1, 2, and 3, I think 4 has got a great selection of different stories and will be an enjoyable read. Be sure to check it out. Also, there is a big round table discussion posted on Newsarama with many of the Flight artists here . And lastly, the drawings above are a little sneak peak at character design sketches for a story I've written that might possibly be in Flight 5. It's exciting to be thinking about next years book already. :)

Butterbeer anyone?

I know I've drawn these guys before, but it's a Toon Club topic this time. Being without my scanner, I took a picture of this drawing with my camera out on the hotel balcony had to photoshop it a lot. Poor Hermione got cropped out too. Maybe when I get back to Texas, I'll properly scan it in. Things in Vancouver are going well. Rainmaker is keeping me pretty busy (I wish I was allowed to post all the stuff we've been doing.) In my spare time I've been reconnecting with friends and family I don't often see and exploring the city. Happy Canada Day! *Update July 10th* I'm back in Texas and have access to my scanner. Click on the image for the full drawing.