Comic-Con 2007!

This picture is a completely inaccurate representation of what being that the con is like. Instead of an open roomy booth, image it stuffed with lots of cool Flight folk. Instead of my lone prints on the table, imagine it packed with numerous little comic books and art goodies and what-nots. Instead of no people in sight, imagine endless crowds. Instead of Stephen at my side, imagine him kindly getting me sandwiches and food to eat. And instead of me standing up, imagine me curled on the floor behind the booth doing a sketch, signing a book, rolling a poster or trying to keep track of what prints I'm selling.

So yeah! It was SO much fun. I was thrilled to meet some of the wonderful people who encourage me on this blog, hang out with the wonderful wonderful Flight contributers, reunite with some Sheridan buddies, see old DNA alumni, connect with friends from my current job at Rainmaker, talk to the wonderful guys from Blue Sky who were sharing our booth, meet up with some inspiring Drawergeekers, Parablers, and bloggers, not to mention meet a whole slew of new people.

Keep an eye out for new art next week as I'll be home in Texas (and therefore have a scanner again! Yay!). Also stay tuned for an exciting announcement about a third anthology I've contributed to this past year... :)


Mish said…
cute pic! i finally picked up flight 4 and it's gorgeous. incredible work!
Steve Schwartz said…
it was so cool to finally meet you! it def. was a highlight of san diego for me! can't wait to see what else is in store!
Vanhoozerbot said…
Glad you had a good time. It was really great to meet you and Stephen, and finally have a chance to talk about geeky stuff. Good to know you will be back in Texas soon... now lets see more art! hah.

Alex Fleisig said…
so glad to hear the comicon went well... mark mentioned he saw you and rena there... love the new hairdoo
Scott said…
Glad I got a chance to meet you, I love your stuff!
Tyson said…
It was fun to get to meet you. The prints are The Awesome.

Now I'm really curious about the third anthology. I'm not even sure about the second - is that Parable? Is it even out yet?
Unknown said…
Hey Sarah, Glad you had a good time in San Diego. I'll be there next week for Siggy. Are you gonna put you're prints up anywhere online for us other folks to pick up? Huh, huh, huh?
mike said…
yay! i knew you'd have a blast! how did the prints do for you? they look great.

man- jen and stephen would have got along great. she's my little caterer too at conventions (only not little, cause she's, y'know, taller than me). :)
Next year, Sarah!! Next year! :)
(I just got back from a road trip with my godmother to the Grand Canyon & Vegas -- woo!)
But next year Sarah!! I already have started chatting with my college friends about it .. it will happen! X)
Steve Schwartz said…
oh, thank you SO much for the words of encouragement! they made me feel 10 times better. you're the best!
Unknown said…
Hi Sarah,

So nice to finally meet you. Thanks so much for the print - now the only decision is where to hang it! :)

Take care and keep on posting!

sarah said…
Thanks Mish, Steve, Alex and Jeremy!

Tyson, yes the second is Parable. :)

Matthew, I hope to have the prints up online soon, as well as new prints added now and then.

Jessie, it would be so nice to meet you next year. I'm not sure yet if I'm going either, so I'll keep you posted. :)

And it was nice to meet you too Dave!
Bob Renzas said…
Ah, no wonder I didn't see your prints. You were at the Flight Booth! I could barely get to the table to see anything (or anyone) every time I passed by, so I just gave up. Ah well, maybe next time!