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Tattoo Design

I don't usually take on much commission work these days, but I made an exception for Travis Chasez, who wanted to create a tattoo for his wife based somewhat on this old post.

Hope everyone had a turkeylicious Thanksgiving!

Wicked Witch of the Wild West

When I told Stephen about the current drawergeeks topic, witch, he started thinking about other genres of witches. As in "what would a modern day storybook witch look like?" This train of thought made me think about how we live in Texas... so here's a western witch. I imagine she has vicious flying farm animals as minions.

Anne Boleyn

A big thank you to those of you still checking the blog. I'm working on that mom/artist balance.

We've been watching The Tudors and it inspired me to paint the unfortunate Anne.

Miss Havisham and more...

Yay! Getting a post up! The top sketch reminded me of Miss Havisham, so I added the veil. I'm not a huge Dickens fan, but I am a huge Miss Havisham fan. She's crazy in all the best ways.

As for my graphic novel, below are colors from one of the opening sequences. I'll be posting more character designs soon.

I'm currently working on a font for the book. Anyone out there ever successfully create a font for comic purposes? Any tips? I found this interesting tutorial here.


My Grandma.

Go Team Mom and Dad!

So with a teeny baby you can't exactly go dancing or to concerts or to movies, so Stephen and I have instead been running around the magical land of Warcraft. Whoo! So if you ever see a little gnome mage and human rogue kicking some bad guy butt, buff us!

And hey, check out my buddy Eric Henze's blog. He worked on WOW.

Also, check out Michelle Gorski's blog, who inspired me to do this post, with her post.

Aaaand, Flight 5 is out! YEAH! Hope you enjoy my story "The Changeling" and also all the other super fun stories in it. Be sure to take a peek at the preview.

And lastly, here's a quick sketch of Hellboy for drawergeeks. Go surliness!

Strawberry Shortcake

Another quickie for a drawergeeks. Never was much of a Strawberry Shortcake fan when I was little, but she makes for a fun topic.


So most of my daughter's naptimes have been devoted to working on my comic, but that leaves the blog abandoned. So today, here is a quick take on the joker... which also happens to be the drawergeeks topic right now.

Tiny Announcement

So... I may not be posting for a while. But I can't think of a better distraction than a brand new little daughter.

I'll be back though!

Fairy Nudity

Here is a sketch I did yesterday. The colors make me think of a 70's rock poster.

I have noticed lately that when I don't color things several of the comments tend to be "but what about the color?" Initially I found it odd (why does everything need color to be considered finished?), but then I realized I've made similar comments on other people's blogs. I'm guilty of really loving color too, and quite honestly, if I had the time, I'd love to fully paint and render everything I draw. I wonder what the universal appeal of a fully fleshed out painting is compared to a simple line drawing?

Here also is a recent design I've done for the graphic novel. I'll post more novel stuff in the coming months as I complete the final art for the opening sequences. For this street scape, I wanted to develop a "language" of repeating shapes and architectural details that would help identify the city every time the story brings us here. I want all my majo…

Powerpuff Girls

The new Drawergeeks topic is triplets. At first I wasn't all that inspired, but I then I realized this morning that these monster-slaying-Townsville-saving ladies are triplets.

Birthday Portrait

Someday I would like to do a fancier painting of Stephen. I did another initially that was more painterly/detailed, but somewhere along the way it lost it's Stephen-ness.
Also, if you are interested in reading Fablewood, the latest anthology I've been published in, it is now available online! Check it out at Ape and Amazon. I'm told it's best to order from the Ape Entertainment store, as they currently have it in stock.

The Bride

I'm procrastinating. Really I should be finishing up some comic design stuff, but instead I ended up drawing something for the next drawergeeks topic, samurai.

I'm tempted to keep tweaking this, but I should probably get some other work done. Click for a bigger version.

Curvy Mermaid

When I start sketching for fun lately, mermaids tend to appear.

Also, check out this cool tattoo Jenn Wallin got of one of my sketches, done by the talented Danielle Distefano at 13 Roses Tattoo Parlor in Atlanta! Thanks Jenn for letting me post it. :)

Model Sheets

To be honest, I find model sheets kind of boring to do, but I'm also the first person to argue when working in a studio that they are absolutely necessary. So although I've been dragging my heels regarding my graphic novel characters, sets and props, I decided this week it was time to bite the bullet and get going. To keep myself from being overwhelmed (there is a lot to design), I've decided to focus on the first three sequences. This character is in all three sequences and requires a different costume for each. Lucky for me, these three outfits show up frequently in the book (particularly the central robes as they are worn by various characters), so it's a great jumping off point.

I also thought I'd include a few thoughts/notes on how I approach character model sheets.
-I use animation paper for rotations, drawing each angle in the center of the page. That way I can flip the images and ensure that proportions are accurate. Good animation paper is also a bit transl…


Finished my drawergeeks entry early. I'm pretty happy with this painting and it came together much quicker than usual too. Yay! As I worked on this, I started wondering why Tarzan is so often depicted as clean-shaven. I guess I could have thrown in a moustache, chest hair etc. too, but why is that?

Thank you also to everyone who has been stopping by the blog lately.

Dinner Party

I decided to paint a sketch I did a few weeks ago. Click on the image for a larger version. I had thought I might colour it, but I think I like it black and white. Or maybe I just like it black and white because I know I should probably work on some other projects today.

Apparently Fablewood will be out in comic stores very soon, if not now. Exciting!

Robots and Monsters and Love

So the theme for Toon Club is Robot and the theme for Drawergeeks is Monsters Under the Bed AND today is Valentines, so here you go. The monster drawing makes me think of Scott Campbell's funny Flight comic. I think it's the little people on the head thing.

I've now officially finished my graphic novel roughs, which means I can move onto actually working on finished art. This has me VERY excited. I also hope to now spend some time updating my website and maybe even setting up the print shop I've long promised. At the very least, I hope this means more blogging. :)

I'm also giving a "how to" talk about comics at the DFW Writing Conference at the end of the month, so if you're in Texas, come check it out!

Some Cuties

Just a little post to tide the blog over while I'm busy wrangling graphic novel roughs and getting ready for the new family member.

I would love to do finished art for The Dindle. Here are some character design ideas for the dindle and his friend... the cats are from a separate story.

Mermaid and Flight 5

I know... yet another mermaid. But I was doodling for fun the other day and mermaids are fun. The last mermaid I posted here is actually becoming a neat sculpture by Cleveland, a Blue Sky modeler, check it out.

And as promised, here is the art from page one of The Changeling, my comic for Flight 5. I think half the fun of working on anthologies is challenging myself to try out different styles of art and storytelling.

Salon Lady

Drew this today while Stephen was getting his hair cut. I'll be sure to post some Flight art this coming week so stay tuned.

(Stephen's hair looks better than hers.)