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Star Belly Elves

Two posts in one week! Hurrah! Toon Club topic this week is Elves. I think I might paint the chubby one to post. Maybe though I'll just end up posting these sketches. Click for a bigger version. Drawergeeks this week is "Star Belly," completely open for interpretation. Since I have baby bellies on the brain... er belly, I drew the girl below. But then I realized that Drawergeeks is not the place for nudity, no matter how tame and rolly-poly the nudity, so I tried to come up with something else last night. I'm not sure what I'll end up sending in, but here are the sketches. I kind of like the cat and bunny.


I was watching The Aristocats a couple mornings ago and decided I should try drawing more cats. Some of these are my attempts to draw cats without reference, others are sketches of my two cats. Click on the image for a bigger version. I've been working hard lately painting the artwork for my Flight 5 story. I'll be sure to post a sample of a finished page or panel when I'm done. Hopefully that will be in the next week or so. Also, here's a quick drawing of my sister who is in Africa. I miss you Laura. :)


When I was a younger I drew tons of princesses but had little interest in drawing unicorns. The time to remedy that was apparently tonight. Somehow a magical pegasus sneaked onto this page too.

Sith in Wonderland

Thanks to writing group I got some quickie sketching done while listening to other readers. The topics right now for Drawergeeks and ToonClub are Design a Sith and Mad Tea Party. Siths are, for you lucky non-nerds, Jedi folk who have turned to the dark side. This Sith, I like to imagine, is called something silly like Darth Monocle and has an ongoing feud with Ewoks and Yoda's people. I doubt his midichlorian count is very high. Regarding writing group, I've been asked to help out at their first annual three day conference . I'll be giving a talk on writing and drawing comics. It will focus on the importance of comic anthologies and how to make tackling a large project like a graphic novel less intimidating. If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, definitely come check it out. The conference runs from Feb 22-24, I'm not certain which day I will be speaking as I just confirmed last night. I will probably be the only speaker focusing on art and comics, however, there w