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The Bride

I'm procrastinating. Really I should be finishing up some comic design stuff, but instead I ended up drawing something for the next drawergeeks topic, samurai.

I'm tempted to keep tweaking this, but I should probably get some other work done. Click for a bigger version.

Curvy Mermaid

When I start sketching for fun lately, mermaids tend to appear.

Also, check out this cool tattoo Jenn Wallin got of one of my sketches, done by the talented Danielle Distefano at 13 Roses Tattoo Parlor in Atlanta! Thanks Jenn for letting me post it. :)

Model Sheets

To be honest, I find model sheets kind of boring to do, but I'm also the first person to argue when working in a studio that they are absolutely necessary. So although I've been dragging my heels regarding my graphic novel characters, sets and props, I decided this week it was time to bite the bullet and get going. To keep myself from being overwhelmed (there is a lot to design), I've decided to focus on the first three sequences. This character is in all three sequences and requires a different costume for each. Lucky for me, these three outfits show up frequently in the book (particularly the central robes as they are worn by various characters), so it's a great jumping off point.

I also thought I'd include a few thoughts/notes on how I approach character model sheets.
-I use animation paper for rotations, drawing each angle in the center of the page. That way I can flip the images and ensure that proportions are accurate. Good animation paper is also a bit transl…