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Board Book Present

I spotted some blank board books at the art store and thought it would be fun to write a book for my daughter for a Christmas present. It's a sturdy book, but since the pages have a papery surface, rather than the smooth surface most board books have, I thought I'd better make the contents as toddler-proof as possible and used pen and ink. (Can you tell I inked the last page first as a test page?)
Also, happily, it seems my virusy art is salvageable! Hurrah! Thank you Robert for helping us run some scans!
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Here's the rest of the book...

Girl Pirate vs. Lion Tamer

Just kidding on the vs. but someone should draw that! Maybe me. We'll see. Hey look two posts in one month! Yay! Maybe this has something to do with moving my studio downstairs? Both of these were drawn while hanging out with my 1 1/2 year old daughter. She was anxious to help, so I had to be quick flipping my sketchbook to "her" drawing page whenever she nabbed the pencil.
Unless something goes awry, I WILL have another post before Christmas. It's half done. Stay tuned. :)


Just a little sketch to check and see that the computer is up and running after a major virus attack. So long all my digital art from the past three years! Let this be a lesson to me to burn DVDs of everything, not just have backup drives.
I travelled to Denmark in October to teach character design for a week at the wonderful Animation Workshop. I had a great time; the students were all exceptionally talented and the staff very welcoming. Not to mention Denmark is a beautiful country and a mecca for yummy food, it was a treat to visit.
I've been doing a lot of writing these past few months, and now that I've got a new studio space set up, I hope to get some more art done as well.
If I don't post again before Christmas, I hope everyone has a great holiday. :)

Little Night Sky

I've long wanted to do some art for my daughter's room (who as I type this, I can hear has woken up from her nap and is peeping around in her crib...) and like most wanting to do art for family members, I always have trouble getting started. This, though, is based on the print of Mucha's Night Sky that is hanging in our daughter's room, but instead features our little lady and a bunny... or as she would call it, a"bun."

Thanks again for all the kind and thoughtful responses to my last post. It has been encouraging. I know I have not posted much recently, but I have been busy doing some freelance design I was not free to share and a lot of writing. I've got two writing projects nearly complete. What the next step is for the books I'm not sure, but they will need cover art, so stay tuned for that.

My e-mail is operational again, but I hope to set up a different address soon.

And thank you, of course, for stopping by.

Lion and Baby

So... an update. About a month ago I waved the white flag on my graphic novel. Being a full-time mom doesn't leave much time for drawing and anyone who's ever worked on a comic knows that creating a comic is very time intensive. Despite working on the book whenever I had a spare moment, I was just getting further and further behind schedule and more and more frustrated. When I realized it was going to take me over a DECADE to finish at the slow pace I'd gotten to, I knew it was time to give up.

I will of course continue to post new art here on the blog, hopefully a little more frequently. This painting is of my newest little nephew (yay!).

I also apologize for my over full e-mail inbox that has been rejecting mail this past month. I'll be posting a new artist address as soon as I get it set up.

Royal Family

That lucky little baby has a lot of presents.

Graphic Novel Updatelicious

Here are a couple (non sequential) pages from my graphic novel. I left out the dialogue because... well... I'm not about to spoil the story, but I left the bubbles in because they are an important part of the composition.

Happy Friday.

Goth Girl and Goth Owl

This is for the Drawergeeks topic, Goths. It needs some polish it probably won't get, but I was happy that it only took me about an hour to do. I'm even happier that I have something to contribute to Drawergeeks this time round. I've missed some great topics.

Taking care of my daughter eats up a lot of drawing time and pretty much obliterates blogging and e-mail time (although I can't think of a more delightful distraction.) However, I am still working on my graphic novel and although slow going, progress is happening. Next up, blogwise, is new graphic novel art, so stay tuned.

Wee Babies

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years. Two of my cousins also had babies in 2008, this sketch of our little ones was a Christmas present for them.