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Ra Ra Rasputin!

Just drawing Rasputin makes me feel icky. What a strange guy. Glad I got something done again for Drawergeeks though. Now I just have get rolling again on Toon Club ... Thank you so much to Ryan Wood for mentioning my blog on his blog. If you haven't checked out Ryan's work it's fantastic and crazy inspiring. I particularly love his stylized portraits. It makes me grumpy when I walk through those big art galleries and see contemporary art represented by artists who have painted a canvas entirely green or something equally silly, rather than the work of someone who can truly whip a paintbrush (or stylus) like Ryan.

Further Down The Road

Here's a little painting I did last night. I'm not entirely sure who these people are or where they are off too though. Thanks for all the nice comments about my last post. A couple people have recently asked me about prints. I do have several prints left from the Comic-Con. I've been debating setting up a little online store, or perhaps selling them through a site like Etsy . I hope to have something figured out by the fall. :)

Here Comes Trouble

I'm feeling so enthusiastic lately about painting. Here's one based on a quick sketch from writers group. I'm glad I'm getting another post up before I return to work in Vancouver.

Painting and Anthology!

Yay! Back in Texas again, so here's another post and finally a post with some color. I've actually been doing a lot of painting lately for the film I'm working on. It's amazing how you can show a sketch of a character design and no one is all that impressed, but if you paint the same design, everyone loves it. And as promised; an announcement. I have a mini story in the upcoming fairytale themed Fablewood Anthology . It is called "Fish." I posted the pencils for the first page a few months ago, you can see them here . I'll be sure to post more about Fablewood as I know it! :)