Was running about doing Christmas tree set-up etc. today so I just managed to add some colour to a sketch a did a couple days back.

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone gets lots of presents and eats lots of chocolate goodies!

I'll post again on Tuesday :)


Vanhoozerbot said…
I love her posture.
And her hair.
And her expression.
And her great curved nose.
And her shoulders.

Merry Christmas!!!
I hope you and your family are happy and healthy.

Kent said…
These colors are just gorgeous. Plus everything that Jeremy said!

Merry Christmas!!!!!
cosmic clown said…
nice sketches......
Todd Harris said…
sarah, great job on this. really like the color added to the sketches.

hope you have a good holiday season.
Marianne said…
HI Sarah!

Marianne Plumridge here (aka Mrs Bob Eggleton). I love your blog site. Great art as always. If you don't mind, I'll add you to my blog links list - and Bob's. :-D


And Bob's at:


Merry Merry to you and yours. I also started a daily(I hope) blog. Painting a day, kind of thing. Love your stuff, we're doing a link! Talk soon. I will be in Dallas in Feb for an SF con, and to hang out with John Davis, so we'll be in touch. Right now I am Rankin-Bassing out for the Eve....with some wine.
mike said…
merry christmas, sarah! can't wait to see all the goodies you'll have when i get back! :D
Cristina said…
I love your your work. I`m a 16 yr old with a desire to study allustration, so I`m facinated by what you do. Just so you know, you`ll be added to my blog roll in my blog.
Ryan Wood said…
Terrific sketches, I really like the one you colored! The shape of her head & hair are especially appealing.
Merry Christmas!
sarah said…
Thanks so much everyone for the Chrismas wishes and compliments :) I hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas too.
boob said…
Hey Sarah -

I was cleaning up around the place and came across a little square promo you handed to me at ComiCon 06. It seems only now I'm getting around to seeking out the people I had the pleasure of talking to in San Diego :)

So, I just had to stop by the blog and check the newest stuff.

This drawing is my fav on the first page. The colors are just great and profiles are always so shapely.

Great stuff! It's hard for me to remember everyone from SDCC but maybe we'll cross paths this year.