Page One Redo

Hey Sarah, quit reposting things.

But wait, it IS different than the original version and since it took me so darn long, it gets it's own special post.

I plan to redo page two as well, so everything matches, but I'll finish page five -- a new page -- first, which will wrap up this opening scene.


Charles Eubanks said…
True, this is a slower pace than WD, but I love seeing it evolve! Personally, I don't mind the redraws. Keep 'em coming!
sarah said…
Thank you, Charles! :)
me said…
Hi! Excellent work!
Listen, I also have a blog, wich I think you will like. It is in
Thank you!
Julian said…
I was wondering if there is any chance to get into contact with you about a job?


sarah said…
Hi Julian,

Sorry that I didn't notice this message earlier. My contact information is listed on my website,

All the best,

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