The Wellington Division - End of Book Four

Here is the conclusion to book four.

The next Wellington Division update will be Monday, May 23rd. My family is coming to visit for a few weeks. :)


wendy said…
I can't wait to see the next part! I'm really enjoying this!
Britterz said…
GAH that's so long to wait! :P I really enjoy your work, can't wait to keep reading :)
Wecestca said…

I really love your work
I discover it this morning and I already have to wait one month ...

Here : is a French (I'm French sorry for the English :) participatory publishing house (in English version), it may interest you (and your readers) for publishing and reading. They have a realy good reader interface.
Hope you will like this.
I read a lot of good things on it and I am sure your work would be loved on this site.

Thanks a lot for your great works.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I have just spent a good hour drooling over your work. You're really talented. I've loved "extraordinary" and I hope you don't mind I have shared it on my blog, with a link to ypur site. I just can't resist a good illustration.
manu cassier said…
The Wellington Division : A very good... and big (:O) work !
palmpriestess said…
I stumbled across your work, literally using Stumble, and I love it. I can't wait to see where you plan to take "The Wellington Division" and I love your artwork!
ABonder said…
i just need to say, your work is amazing i like your stories and love the cosepts of your stories and the sitie!!! wow
dont ever stop keep doing it so good, so we can anjoy. were can we get a book or some thing
alan bonder
Jennifer said…
Love your work, Sarah! You are so inspiring, and I would totally buy "the Wellington division" if it came out in book form!

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