The Wellington Division - The Museum

Here are the roughs for sequence 27 and it's a biggie - twenty-four pages. Tyler reappears after being taken from the asylum by the Emperor at the end of part two.


I love your works..You are absolutely amazing!!Im your fan :)
Unknown said…
Your work are awesome. From today I will follow you!
Lena said…
Thaaaanks! :-D
Tooninator said…
Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog, Sarah. It's a pleasure to enjoyed yourself.

I've been a long-time fan of yours. I looked to your dragon girl story book art often for inspiration when I got the chance to illustrate my first children's book. It's fantastically charming.

Hope to see you around some more.
sarah said…
Thank you everyone, and thank you Matt! I keep meaning to finish the Dragon Girl story... someday I will! I just realized I don't have you linked and I'm going to go remedy that! :)