I thought I'd do a new profile picture, but I didn't like how it looked tiny (profile size), so I'm going to keep the old one.


I love your style! It reflects a visual developer's abilities. You have great color choice, line quality, and I love the skill with the facial expressions!
Logan Pearsall said…
Yeah, you probably had to cut it off at the neck to fit inside a square, right?

really nice though!
Charles Eubanks said…
What a fun picture! It's not often you see a playful smile in full profile. You really nailed the expression. Very well done!
galvinator said…
nice style
sarah said…
Thanks everyone. :) Yes, Logan, I think that was part of it. Also I think it being a profile also made it seem flatter than I expected when I reduced it. Ah well! I'll take another stab at it in a while.
Deb said…
Too bad it didn't scale down well! It's delightful at the posted size. :)

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