Panel One of Page Two

Page two is complete, but since my computer died this week I'm unable to post the whole thing. In the meantime, here is the first panel of page two. :)

My husband and I were talking about story this morning and it got me thinking about why I believe story structure is so important.

To me, story structure is like a puzzle. There are no set in stone rules, but like a puzzle, every piece should fit into the overall image. And when you have your puzzle assembled correctly, you should be able to look at all the little pieces and have that "Ah! So that's why that needed to go there," feeling.

Thank you for your patience. I hope to have new pages up soon.


David said…
That's a pretty good explanation, I agree with you :) And I like the blue cape standing out in the image, really appealing!
Misi said…
I love it! And agreed with David, I love your strokes!! You have a biggest fan, just so you know. Hehe..
It's funny how even though all of us are not writers, we know when something is missing. I guess there is just an understanding of story based on life experiences (whether real or something you have read/ heard) when you know if there is something that just doesn't fit right.

Can't wait to see more frames. This is a great image, do you work a lot from reference?
Erin said…
I've never thought about a storyline that way (mostly because I illustrate single images; I'm not a sequential artist by trade), but that's a spot-on explanation! I love puzzles, and it totally makes sense.

Sorry to hear about your computer troubles - I had some major ones last week as well. So frustrating! Hopefully it will all work out smoothly and quickly for you :) I love your work!

sarah said…
Thank you so much everyone.

My computer is six years old and I've already reformatted it several times, so I think it's time to get a new one, but you know... it's not always perfect timing to run out and buy a computer.

Michelle, I don't always work from reference, but if I'm stuck, I try to hunt some down. I didn't use any for this particular image, but the arch design is inspired by the one in Mespelbrunn castle in Germany.
Helder! said…
First time fan of your work! And I have to say that I am awed by what you do.

I'm kind of trying to get within the artistic world, but I've yet to make any sort of huge dent in I've been looking through your work and getting very much inspired to do something! However, I'm suffering from that lack of creativity that seems to plague artists from time to time.

I guess why I'm rambling on is because I'm curious to know about your art upbringings? Any advice for a 20-something who can't figure out where to go/what to do with an art degree? I myself graduated with an art (my concentration was trying how to learn how to do everything...but my drawings were always best) but, I keep thinking I should have taken illustration. I took a year off and joined a volunteer program because I wasn't ready to plunge into the world of grad schools yet. Now that the program ended I find myself frustrated in even starting with small things! I've thought of making my experiences volunteering into it's own story, but I'm a terrible storyteller to begin with...

Anyway! I guess I'm just writing to you from spur of the moment inspiration from your artwork. I hope things continue to go well, and that I hear from you! But if not, then I completely understand. Life is hectic sometimes.
sarah said…
Thanks for the thoughtful comment, HElder, I'm going to stop by your blog to respond. :)