Fabric Bike by The Deadly Nightshades

We've been busy attempting to sell our home and buy a new one since May, so pretty much everything else in life -- including working on new art -- has been put on hold.

But since I miss updating my blog, I wanted to share my sister, Laura Mensinga's amazing short film, which she shot, directed and filmed with Kirsten White. It features their bike gang/art collective The Deadly Nightshades and toured with the 2011 Bike Film Festival. I think it's awesome, and I'm excited it's now online. Enjoy. :)


ANNIE said…

And that film was awesome. I highly enjoyed it. :) Beautiful fabric bike.
Charles Eubanks said…
That was awesome! Totally makes me wish I were a member of a supercool artsy fabric biker gang.

Good luck with your move! Looking forward to seeing more of YOUR art too!
L Rossi said…
Congratulate your sister for me ;)
Looked a cool project to be a part of!
great bike, it's good to share with her sister, congratulations!
Unknown said…
Aww that was so inspiring!