Me! (Sort of...)

So yes, this is sort of me, because at the moment I'm nine months pregnant with baby #3 and not nearly this slim. But like the picture, I DO need a haircut.

I painted this for my illustration profile for the New Leaf Literary website, where I'm now represented by the awesome Suzie Townsend.

If I don't get the chance to post again before Christmas, I hope everyone has a great holiday!


Charles Eubanks said…
Congratulations on baby #3! And congrats again on getting an agent! Wow, 2012 was a big year for you, huh? :)

Best wishes to you and your growing family!
Jez Tuya said…
Lovely portrait, Sarah! You still got it :D
Erin said…
Congratulations! Looks lovely!
Unknown said…
Wonderful portrait - Have a great Holiday!
L Rossi said…
Wah! Congrats and all the best!!! n.n
Maybe there'll be an extra special present delivery on Christmas Day!! :3
(lovely painting btw)
andreamichelle said…
congratulations on your pregnancy!
veiman said…
6 months pregnant? thats why!
you have a look of weary yet happy. Like someone trudging through a tough tough spiritual journey, in which they are witnessing great wonders about them, and know that at the mountain top there is a world that will be revealed to them.
Likely you are now with your baby. so congratulations.