Evil Von Purple Cape and the Masters of Anatomy!

I like posting with artwork, so here's an unfinished painting of a supervillain.

But really I'm posting because I'm super excited to announce that I'll be contributing to a Kickstarter for an art book called the Masters of Anatomy.


This is a great accomplishment which as a fan of yours im proud of you ma'am...very cool art,if this villian art is WIP,wondering what the completed one will look like
Zoe Randall said…
Evil Von Purple Cape, I love.
andreamichelle said…
I am so impressed, congratulations!!I will definitely be buying that book as soon as possible, I'm so excited.
Mike Lynch said…
I came across your graphic novel by accident yesterday and I am loving it. I can't believe more people have not discovered it (meaning why haven't I heard of this before?!!). This should be published! I understand the reasons you haven't, but this should see print. Have you ever considered taking it to Image or Dark Horse comics? I'm loving it so much that if your pursued a Kickstarter campaign for it, it would be the first one I'd give money to. Just had to share. Thanks for your work.
sarah said…
Hi Mike,

I'm not sure if replies here will reach you, but thank you for such a kind comment. Sadly, I'm on a self-imposed comic break while my kids are small. I've tried several times, but it always comes down to the fact that I just don't have the time to finish them, or at least not to finish them with the quality level I'd like. I really hope to one day complete the Wellington Division, though. It has such a special place in my heart, even though it's incomplete. I do LOVE to hear that people are still finding it, though, and reading it, so thank you! :)

Mike Lynch said…
Thanks for your response. I totally get your reasons Putting other things on hold to raise your children is wonderful and the right thing to do. I'm glad you have hopes of returning to this someday. I know I'll be watching for it (I also think it could be more than a comic and taken into other storytelling media). Thanks again for your work.
Ben Ward said…
Your work is amazing. I've been looking at it for ages now because I find it so inspiring.
Thanks for sharing!