Listen to The Box on YouTube

Thought I should I share this here too! Your kiddos (or you?) can now listen to my picture book, The Box, on YouTube. If you'd like to buy a copy, you can find it on Amazon. Enjoy!


Sharon said…
Oh my god, I remember finding your blog long time ago, and just fell in love with your work. You were really importante back then when I decided to go to design school. I'm taking a concept art workshop right now and your work came to my mind. Just tought I came here to say thank you. You are amazing and you make me feel really inspired!

Oh, I'm a designer, I illustrate sometimes but now i've been working with UI/UX for a mobile game. But every now and then i try to study some more.

Lots of love from brazil

sarah said…
Hi Sharon,

Thank you so much for the kind comment. It makes me happy that you remember my blog... motivates me to update it more frequently again. Best of wishes with your art and design work! My husband works on UI/UX too, and I know that takes a lot of creative thinking.

-Sarah :)